Equalis connects organisations, knowledge and data in health care

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Who is Equalis?

Our motive is to improve health care: this is what we want to achieve, this is our goal

Equalis Strategy & Modeling is a management consulting firm of health economists helping all stakeholders in the health care sector with their advice. Equalis is part of the Vintura group. Our mission is to improve health care. We do this by combining the skills of the consulting profession with the soundness and innovative development of scientific knowledge. We translate complex issues into simple and practical solutions with impact for our clients. We guide and educate our clients on their path to a data-driven organization.


Why Equalis?

We position ourselves as a trusted third party among the many stakeholders in health care

  • We are top experts in the Dutch health care system, including the risk adjustment model (eQualization).
  • We focus on and help to clarify the customer’s question (Question).
  • We apply a strong analytical (eQuations) approach and base our advice on Qualitative and Quantitative research.
  • We implement in close cooperation with our customers, so that their people can truly act and build upon our recommendations (Qualify).
  • We connect (eQ) the different stakeholders in health care as a trusted third party (eQual).
  • We provide meaningful insights into “Quality of Care” (Quality) and make it measurable (Quantify).

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